General terms and conditions

Art 1: Barring differing stipulations agreed to in writing, every agreement will be settled by the following terms and conditions.

Art 2: The customer accepts these terms and conditions by merely transferring the order or assignment. HaCeCo-E is in no way bound by the customer’s conditions. The customer’s general conditions are only applicable when an explicit, written & distinct agreement has been reached that these, excluding one or more of these terms and conditions, will be applicable to the agreement between the parties. Every quotation is valid for at most 30 days. As long as it has not been accepted by the customer, the company is not bound by it.

Art 3: Secrecy and accuracy:

HaCeCo-T is obligated to keep customer information confidential towards third parties. Exceptions concerning this secrecy:

  • All information that is public and is not limited in an individual agreement;
  • All information requested relating to education subsidies or requested by the competent authorities;
  • All information requested by the VCA-BeSaCC or vzw Contractor Saftey Management Technical Certifcation Commission concerning control of certificates.

  • Art 4: Copyright of all HaCeCo-E documents, regardless of its carrier, lies with HaCeCo-T. It is not authorized to publish or multiply these without prior consent of HaCeCo-T unless this has been explicitly and undeniably stipulated in the text of the agreement.

    Art 5: Payment and invoicing:

  • Invoices will be sent electronically (email) unless stipulated otherwise, in writing, at the time of registration.
  • The invoice amount is payable on our account within 15 days after reception, unless a different written agreement on the matter was reached between both parties. Complaints concerning invoices need to be communicated by registered mail within eight days of the invoice date.
  • If the invoice amount of this invoice was not settled in its entirety within 30 days after the invoice date, a yearly interest of 12% shall, legally and without notice of default, be ascribed to the remaining balance, solely because of the fact of non-payment and no agreed upon term will be guaranteed without the client being able to lay claim to any form of compensation. Parties agree explicitly that, if this invoice has not been settled within 30 days after invoice date, the invoice amount will, legally and without notice of default, be raised with 10%, with a minimum amount of 150 EUR per invoice, by title of fixed and irrevocable damages clause, in accordance with article 1152 of the Civil Law. Parties explicitly agree that this compensation is fixed and that it, deviating from article 1231 of the Civil Law, cannot be modified, even when the shortcomings would be partial.
  • Certificates will only be handed out & announced after the client has met all financial obligations. Demands or complaints concerning exam results cannot be a reason for non-payment of invoices.

  • Art 6: Participation conditions: in case of infraction on these, the exam fee will remain due

  • A candidate must be correctly registered for a specific type of exam (B-VCA written, BVCA read, VOL-VCA or VIL-VCU in a specific language – for this purpose the candidate must be able to present the HaCeCo-E confirmation email).
  • An exam in a different language is only possible for languages supported by VCA-BeSaCC, the price will depend on the language.
  • Payment of a pro-forma invoice (which clearly clearly stipulates payment in advance) has to be visible on the HaCeCo-E account on the day of the exam at the latest. If this is not the case, HaCeCo-E maintains the right to refuse the candidate from participating to the exam.
  • The candidate must present himself with a valid form of ID with photograph on the correct day and at the correct time of the exam and must behave himself in accordance with the examination regulation.
  • Legitimation: if a candidate is unable to identify himself before the start of the exam, he will not be able to participate to the exam; valid forms of legitimation are: driver’s license, ID, passport or work permit.

  • Art 7: A read exam is possible for people who have difficulties reading. The questions and answers will be read out loud by the examiner, to which the candidate marks the correct answer. A read exam must be requested in advance upon registration. The additional cost related to this will be at the expense of the client.

    Art 8: Measures in case of attempted fraud or other irregularities: A candidate who unjustly participates to an exam or who commits fraud (eg. Not handing in the exam questions after the exam) may be expelled from further participation to the exam. The examiner can, without additional justification and without loss of compensation, exclude a candidate from the exam if his attendance threatens the correct further progress of the exam or adversely influences the circumstances or in case of non- compliance with the examination regulations. The exam fee of this exam can not be refunded. The candidate will be considered as not succeeded. The candidate does retain the possibility to register for a new exam. The exam fee will again be due for this new exam.

    Art 9: Additional terms & regulations The exam can only take place at the location that was confirmed to the candidate/employer/applicant and must begin at the exact confirmed time. Barring written approval by HaCeCo-E this time and place can not be altered. In case of group, HaCeCo-E must be in possession of the participants data at least 2 days prior to the exam based on the completed Excel file as provided. This is a binding condition for both parties. Without this data an exam is not possible. Exceptions to this condition can only be agreed upon in writing with the HaCeCo-E operating director. In case the location is provided by the client, it must be approved of prior to the training by (a representative of) HaCeCo-E. Cost of this approval is at the expense of the client (according to the price offer). HaCeCo-E retains the right to reject unqualified locations. Besides the candidates, examiners and supervisors no other people are allowed to be in the room barring express written approval by the examiner. The allowed person must remain completely neutral and is in no way allowed to intervene in the exam.

    Art 10: The candidate or client can only claim an exam result after full payment of the invoice. If the candidate has succeeded a certificate will be granted. Certificates will be processed upon full payment of the invoice. If a candidate was rejected or did not succeed he’s able to register for a new exam. The exam fee will again be due for this new exam. For a candidate who is unable to attend the exam because of exceptional circumstances, the paid registration fee can be acquitted in full or in part provided there is a prior written request containing conclusive proof, these circumstances are limited to proof of illness of the candidate (medical certificate) or the death of a relative for which he is legally entitled to a leave of absence.

    Art 11: Cancellation

    HaCeCo-E retains the right to, in exceptional circumstances, cancel exams without any form of compensation up to 4 working days prior to the exam date. The customer will be notified by telephone and e-mail. Exams for groups start at the confirmed hour, in case of a deviation HaCeCo-E can cancel an exam. Waiting times of examiners will be invoiced as performed hours at 100 € per hour. In case of cancellation of an exam by the subscriber less than 48 hours before the exam the entire exam fee will remain due. In case of cancellation of an exam by the subscriber more than 48 hours but less than a week before the exam, an administrative cost of 50% per registered person remains due. In case of a cancellation more than 1 week before the exam no costs are due.

    Art 12: Liability and force majeure

    Shortcomings of HaCeCo-E following an agreement cannot be passed on to HaCeCo-E if they are not attributable to HaCeCo-E, in the sense of deliberateness or grave error. HaCeCo-E can in no way be held responsible in case of a normal or light mistake or in case of force majeure (unexpected traffic jam, strike, traffic accident, sudden illness, …); in these circumstances the client does not have the right to disband the agreement or to any compensation. HaCeCo-E is in no way responsible for possible accidents or damage to the client or candidate because of the agreement or due to the execution of the agreement. The possible liability of HaCeCo-E is in any case limited to 50% of the contract value of the (part of) te assignment during which the damaging event took place.

    Art 13: Complaints concerning the course of the exam or objections to do with the handling of complaints must be carried out in accordance with the Complaints- and Appeals Procedure which can be found on the HaCeCo-E website (

    Art 14: The examination regulation is an integral part of these general terms and conditions. The examination regulation is available during the exam session and can be sent upon request.

    Art 15: Any dispute relating to the execution of this agreement falls within the exclusive competence of the court of Leuven. Belgian law is applicable to this invoice and underlying relation.