General terms and conditions

Art 1: Barring differing stipulations agreed to in writing, every agreement will be settled by the following terms and conditions.

Art 2: The customer accepts these terms and conditions by merely registering or transferring the order or assignment. HaCeCo-T is in no way bound by the customer’s conditions. The customer’s general conditions are only applicable when an explicit, written & distinct agreement has been reached that these, excluding one or more of these terms and conditions, will be applicable to the agreement between the parties. Every quotation is valid for at most 30 days. As long as it has not been accepted by the customer, the company is not bound by it.

Art 3: Secrecy and accuracy:

HaCeCo-T is obligated to keep customer information confidential towards third parties. Exceptions concerning this secrecy:

  • All information that is public and is not limited in an individual agreement;
  • All information requested relating to education subsidies or requested by the competent authorities;
  • All information requested by certification organisation of HaCeCo concerning audits of the quality system.

  • Art 4: Copyright of all HaCeCo-T documents, especially manuals and hand-outs, regardless of its carrier, lies with HaCeCo-T, even those that have been (possibly specifically) developed for the customer. It is not authorized to publish or multiply these documents, in full or in part, without prior consent of HaCeCo-T unless this has been explicitly and undeniably stipulated in the text of the agreement.

    Art 5: Payment and invoicing:

  • Invoices will be sent electronically (email) unless stipulated otherwise, in writing, at the time of registration.
  • Unless stipulated otherwise on the invoice or unless a different written agreement on the matter was reached between both parties, the invoice amount is payable on
        our account within 15 days after the invoice date. Complaints concerning invoices need to be communicated by registered mail within eight days of the invoice date.
  • If the invoice amount of this invoice was not settled in its entirety within 30 days after the invoice date, a yearly interest of 12% shall, legally and without notice of
        default, be ascribed to the remaining balance, solely because of the fact of non-payment and no agreed upon term will be guaranteed without the client being able to
        lay claim to any form of compensation. Parties agree explicitly that, if this invoice has not been settled within 30 days after invoice date, the invoice amount will, legally
        and without notice of default, be raised with 10%, with a minimum amount of 150 EUR per invoice, by title of fixed and irrevocable damages clause, in accordance with
        article 1152 of the Civil Law. Parties explicitly agree that this compensation is fixed and that it, deviating from article 1231 of the Civil Law, cannot be modified, even
        when the shortcomings would be partial.
  • Publication of certificates does not fall within the authorization of HaCeCo-T, certificates will only be sent after the client has met all financial obligations. Demands or
        complaints concerning exam results cannot be a reason for non-payment of invoices.

  • Art 6: Participation conditions:

  • A candidate is only allowed to attend a training, under penalty of exclusion, if he is correctly registered with HaCeCo-T.
  • Payment of an invoice where pre-payment has explicitly been stipulated needs to be visible on the HaCeCo-T account on the day of the training at the latest. If this is
        not the case, HaCeCo-T maintains the right to refuse the candidate from participating to the training.
  • The must be able to present a valid form of ID at the start of the training.
  • All candidates who participate in a training are obligated to understand the training course language & to follow the trainer’s instructions accurately.
  • The instructor can, without additional justification and without loss of compensation, exclude a candidate from the training if his attendance threatens the further
        progress of the training for the instructor and/or colleagues or adversely influences the circumstances.
  • The timely and continuing presence at the training and the attentive participation to the training is the sole responsibility of the person who is to be trained.
  • None of these previous points can be quoted for non-payment of invoices.

  • Art 7: Training conditions

  • Training locations provided by the customer must be appropriate (30m² + 1.4m²/pers) and heated, lit and ventilated and need to meet the environmental laws.
        Candidates must all be sat sufficiently apart, in class configuration and at completely emptied tables. It is not allowed to change this location at the last minute.
  • In case candidates arrive to the training late the end hour will remain unchanged, the missed training modules are the sole responsibility of the latecomers.

  • Art 8: Liability and force majeure

  • Shortcomings of HaCeCo-T following an agreement cannot be passed on to HaCeCo-T unless these shortcomings can be attributed to HaCeCo-T in the sense of a
        deliberate and serious error (hence no accountability in case of: a normal or light error, unexpected traffic jam, strike, traffic accident, sudden illness, other cases of force
        majeure, …) and do not give the client the right to disband the agreement or to any compensation.
  • HaCeCo-T is in no way responsible for possible accidents or damage to the client or candidate because of the agreement or due to the execution of the agreement.
  • The possible liability of HaCeCo-T is in any case limited to 50% of the contract value of the (part of) the assignment during which the damaging event took place.
  • In exceptional circumstances HaCeCo-T retains the right to cancel trainings for which there is little interest up to 4 working days prior to the first training date without
        any form of compensation. The customer will be notified by telephone and e-mail.

  • Art 9: Training cost

  • The training cost will remain due in case of absence from a training or exam.
  • In case of written cancellation of a training less than 48 hours before the training the entire training cost will remain due.
  • In case of cancellation of a training more than 48 hours but less than a week before the training, an administrative cost of 50% per registered person remains due.
  • In case of a cancellation more than 1 week before the training no costs are due.
  • For a candidate who is unable to attend the training due to exceptional circumstances, the paid registration fee can be refunded, in full or in part, provided that a
        written request is made including conclusive proof. These circumstances are limited to proof of illness of the candidate (medical certificate) or the death of a relative for
        which he is legally entitled to a leave of absence.

  • Art 10: Any dispute relating to the execution of this agreement falls within the exclusive competence of the court of Leuven. Belgian law is applicable to this invoice and underlying relation.