Personalized exams

HaCeCo-E is an accredited exam centre in Belgium and the market leader. Order your VCA exams today for one or more of your co-workers.

You're able to choose location, date and hour. In case of safety exams, a read exam (at high pitched voice) is possible as well.

Your advantages
  * You will receive an official mail with the results the day after the exam;
  * You will receive the certificate within the week (when paymen is made),(or you can come pick it up yourself the day after);

  * You're able to start working the day after the exam.

Request your price by contacting us at 016/61.93.61

Screen exam

Below, you can enrol for our open screen exams Basic Safety (B-VCA), Safety for Operational Supervisors (SOS-VCA) or Safety for Temp agency associates (not available in English)


Languages: Dutch, French, English.

2024-06-24 Aalst (map)17:45 screen
2024-06-25Monceau-sur-Sambre (Charleroi) (map) (full)17:15 screen
2024-06-25 Roeselare (map)18:45 screen
2024-06-25Roeselare (map) (full)18:15 screen
2024-06-25Roeselare (map) (full)17:45 screen
2024-06-25 Monceau-sur-Sambre (Charleroi) (map)18:00 screen
2024-06-26 Sint-Niklaas (map)17:45 screen
2024-06-26 Geel (map)17:45 screen
2024-06-26 Tournai (map)17:45 screen
2024-06-27 Marche-en-Famenne (map)17:15 screen
2024-06-27 Aartselaar (map)17:15 screen
2024-07-01 Gent (map)18:15 screen
2024-07-01Gent (map) (full)17:45 screen
2024-07-02Houthalen-Helchteren (map) (full)17:45 screen
2024-07-02Liege (map) (full)17:45 screen
2024-07-02 Liege (map)18:30 screen
2024-07-02 Houthalen-Helchteren (map)18:15 screen
2024-07-08 Houthalen-Helchteren (map)17:45 screen
2024-08-06 Gent (map)17:45 screen
2024-08-07 Monceau-sur-Sambre (Charleroi) (map)18:00 screen
2024-08-07 Houthalen-Helchteren (map)17:45 screen
2024-08-07Monceau-sur-Sambre (Charleroi) (map) (full)17:15 screen
2024-08-08 Oostende (map)17:15 screen
2024-08-12 Sint-Niklaas (map)17:45 screen
2024-08-13 Liege (map)17:45 screen
2024-08-19 Roeselare (map)17:45 screen
2024-08-20 Tournai (map)17:45 screen
2024-08-21 Aartselaar (map)17:15 screen
2024-08-22 Haacht (map)17:15 screen
2024-08-29 Gent (map)17:45 screen
2024-08-29 Geel (map)17:45 screen
2024-09-16 Asse (map)17:45 screen

Select the date and complete the enrolment form.

Your enrolment will be completed after payment of the invoice.



New prices from 1/03/2023

Exam fees (VAT excluded):
 screen exam NL/FR/ENG

 B-VCA NL/FR  € 65
 B-VCA English  € 95
 SOS-VCA NL/FR  € 95
 SOS-VCA English  € 110
 Additional charge exam in Wallonia  € 15
 Open read exam NL/FR/EN  € 105