VCA training Basic Safety French


A professional teacher prepares your co-workers for the official exam in a single day. Both the training & the exam are

carried out by an French native speaker.

This French basic safety training is also available in many other languages: Dutch, French, Turkish, German,

Romanian, Polish, Portuguese Bulgarian, Slovakian, Hungarian, Russian and Ukrainian.

The information is aimed at the final VCA attainment level and test criteria. The most important safety rules, principles

and aspects are all tested during the exam. This training course is supported by the French B-VCA Manual.

Practicing a number of “sample questions” will give your employees the necessary confidence to conclude the exam with a

positive result.

If you succeed in the exam and the payment has been taken care of, you will receive the official result the working day after the training and the certificate within the week!

Click the preferred date to enrol. Follow the instructions to proceed and your enrolment will be registered immediately!

Date Place Time Language Price
2024-06-25 Monceau-sur-Sambre (Charleroi) (map) 8 French € 190
2024-06-26 Tournai (map) 8 French € 190
 Liege (map) (full) 8 French € 190
2024-08-07 Monceau-sur-Sambre (Charleroi) (map) 8 French € 190
2024-08-13 Liege (map) 8 French € 190
2024-08-20 Tournai (map) 8 French € 190
2024-09-03 Monceau-sur-Sambre (Charleroi) (map) 8 French € 190
2024-09-16 Asse (map) 8 French € 190

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